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Pedestals and Wall Wedges for Interior Decorators

When an interior decorator sees a room and has the client's inputs he or she can virtually immediately see the many aspects that need to be worked upon to create the final effect. From art hanging, mirror hanging to the upholstery and installation of fine art, everything has to be taken into consideration. For most interior decorators it is not difficult to translate their design ideas into reality. However, what can sometimes be trying is to find the exact location at which a work of art should be placed.

Need for Custom Pedestals and Wall Wedges

It is a great idea to consider custom pedestals and wall wedges that are created to ensure that the piece of art that takes its place on it gets all the attention and focus it deserves. For this it is vital that an interior decorator work with master craftsmen who can create and bring to life the pedestals and wall wedges that would be apt for the interior decoration scheme that has been chosen.

Fine Art Services

Fine Art Services can create custom pedestals and wall wedges that will add character and style to the room and keep the artwork in focus. You can select a weighted free standing pedestal or a wall pedestal depending on where you want to place the work of art. You could choose to have created custom wall wedges that would make the interior design of the room proud. Fine Art Services can create square, rectangular or round pedestals in a variety of sizes.

You could also work with one of our designers so that you can develop a design that will work best for your design of the room. You can select from natural hardwood veneered pedestals in wood such as maple, walnut, oak and mahogany. Fine Art Services finished pedestal could be in natural wood with a clear coat, painted or they may be stained. Interior decorators can opt for a pedestal finish that works best for their interior design for the room. You can also go for Fine Art Services unfinished pedestals that are without a clear coat, paint or stain and decide how to develop it further.

Pedestals and wall wedges can also be chosen to match the artwork it will display and add to the final effect. You can consult our designers when you select pedestals and wall wedges that will not take away attention from the artwork. We have a preparation team which can visit your site to ensure that the pedestals and wall wedges are safely located and installed.

Fine Art Services also keeps in mind earthquake mitigation when it comes to installation of fine art. Whether it is custom framed mirrors, high end art framing or pedestals or wall wedges, it is our effort that the artwork is well installed and safe. It is no wonder that interior decorators, art collectors and museums in the northern California prefer to work with Fine Art Services. If you work in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mill Valley, Napa, and San Francisco or in the bay area, do contact us for consultations and for special quotes for the trade.

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